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It is easy to make money online.

Especially if you know how to do it. The start up costs are low as well, all you really need is a decent webhost, a domain name, and some time. If you only knew how much successful webmasters makes pr month, you would creating a website right away. People like Michael Cheny, who owns a couple of websites, make more than $19,000 pr month just from AdSense. That's not so bad, considering how much time you have to work when your website is already up and running.

There are several different ways on how you can make money on the internet, I will focus on the two ways where I make most of my money.

The first way is also from my experience the best way. This is the way that requires most work, but once your done, you will have a steady income for the rest of your life. Sign up with a webhost that allows you to host unlimited domains, purchase a couple of domain names and create websites. Not just crappy websites, but quality websites. Spread the word of your new sites around, and your traffic will slowly increase Add Google AdSense to them, and you have a second income for the rest of your life. This may sound like it's too easy as it's just a mechanic formula, but it really works. I own many websites myself, and I dont have to lift a finger when they are up and running. I just watch my bank account grow.

The second way is even easier, especially if you already have done step one. Have you ever heard of affiliate programs before? There are many, and I mean many companies, that will offer you a commision for every customer you lead to them, that leads to a sale. There are several thousands of them, many of them team up with companies like commision junction and clickbank to make it easier for you to find an affiliate program you wish to promote. The great thing about this way is that you dont really need a website (but it helps, as it is much cheaper), you can sign up with Google AdWords and simply advertise your affiliate link. You have to pay every time someone clicks on your ad, but if it cost you $20 to get a sale and your commision is $100, its a done deal.

These are two of the ways that I use to make alot of money on the internet. I make much money that I dont have a work anymore. You may ask why everyone dont do this if it is as easy as I say. 1. They are lazy, 2. They are stupid, 3. Who cares?

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